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Khuda are a two piece instrumental band from Leeds in the United Kingdom. The band plays an eclectic style of instrumental progressive and experimental rock/metal. The band consists of the dynamic duo of Tom Brooke on guitar and Steve Myles on drums. The band was formed in March 2007 and since have released 2 EP's and an album.
Tom makes full use of 2 of our valve amplifier heads and 2 speaker cabinets.

Equipment Detail

Mac 100 watt Lead head:
A circuit based loosely around the original Dave Reeves 'Hiwatt' DR103. Making use of a mixture of EL34 & KT77 output valves gives a somewhat unique sound. This is acheivable due to the use of different biasing arrangements. Transformers are wound to original 'Partridge' specs and give almost 'Hi-Fi' frequency response.

Mac 'Black 150' head:
The preamp in this model is a mixture of ideas from several classic amps. Twin channel, one being mainly used for a clean sound, whilst the other incorporates features found in the Laney amps that were used by Black Sabbath back in the 70's. (This is where the name was derived from, a nod to BLACK Sabbath!). The tone stack has three switchable contours giving a wide range of adjustment. Six EL34B output valves in the power amp along with, again, 'Partridge' spec transformers deliver a full 150 watts RMS clean output power. The picture on the home page is of this very amp.

Mac 4x12 guitar speaker cab.
Mac 4x12 bass speaker cab.

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