About Us.



What can we do??

Valve and transistor/solid state musical instrument amplifiers.

Jukebox amplifiers.

Reggae sound system amplifiers (Valve only) and preamps.

Hi-Fi valve amplifiers.

Vintage effects pedals. (Sorry, not digital stuff. Anything up to Tubescreamer era).

Magnetic echo machines. WEM Copicat, Binson Echorec, Dynacord and the like.


What we don't do!

High power solid state PA gear.

Anything with a class D digital power amp (The 5 million Watts from a fag packet stuff. TC Electronics, Mark Bass et.al.)

Powered subs or powered speakers.

Mixing desks.

Car stereos.

CD players/recorders.

Hi-Fi equipment (Except as above)

Toasters/microwaves/washing machines (Yes. We have been asked!)


Small furry animals.