About Us.



What can we do??

Valve and transistor/solid state musical instrument amplifiers.

Jukebox amplifiers.

Reggae sound system amplifiers (Valve only) and preamps.

Hi-Fi valve amplifiers.

Vintage effects pedals. (Sorry, not digital stuff. Anything up to Tubescreamer era).

Magnetic echo machines. WEM Copicat, Binson Echorec, Dynacord and the like.

The electronics/preamps/power amps in vintage keyboards/pianos. Fender Rhodes, Clavioline etc.


What we don't do!

Modifications to amps (unless required for safety/reliability). They never live up to your expectations and usually end up being removed again!

PA gear of any description.

Modern effects pedals.

Anything with a class D digital power amp (The 5 million Watts from a fag packet stuff. TC Electronics, Mark Bass et.al.)

Powered subs or powered PA speakers.

Mixing desks.

Car stereos.

CD players/recorders.

Hi-Fi equipment (Except as above)

Toasters/microwaves/washing machines (Yes. We have been asked!)

Synthesisers/digital keyboards.

Small furry animals.

Marriage guidance.